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This is in response to ecoTrain's Question Of The Week Season 6 #3 - COMMUNE-ICATION on Hive

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Communication is the conveying of information from one party to another. The communication is successful if the information sent is received and understood. In some instances, it is only considered successful when the receiver acknowledged receipt of the information.

A lot of things could go wrong in a communication. And this miscommunication is the cause of many misunderstandings, some of which resulted in quarrels, and sometimes fights.

A miscommunication results when :-

  1. The information is not clear, or poorly stated. The receiver does not understand the information fully.
  2. The information was wrongly construed or misinterpreted by the receiver. This could be due to the information being unclear or ambiguous. Or, it could be that the receiver of the information has a lack of Intelligence Quotients to understand the words or he/she is not proficient in the language.

So, how do we communicate well and make sure that we are understood. For a communication to be successful, it is best to say what you mean, and mean what you say. Keep the words simple. Don't use a bombastic word when a simple one will do.

In this way, the information is clear and there is no ambiguity or doubt about the information. The receiver does not have to second guess your meaning, or have to read between the lines.

It is also important to know your audience, or the receiver of the information. You have to adapt the way you speak to suit different groups of people. For example, you cannot speak to a child the way you speak with your peers.

In a verbal conversation, the body language can give you an idea whether you are getting your information across. You also have the flexibility to ask questions, and to make sure that your information is understood. This is lacking in a written message. In a written message, you have to also pay attention to the tone of the words.

Conversing well - verbal or otherwise, is a skill. Some of us are better communicators than others. But conversational skills can be perfected. Just be a little more patient and understanding. Make sure the listener understands what you are saying.

If it is a written text, re-read the text, make sure the information is clear. Try putting yourself in the other's position. Ask yourself if you were the receiver, would you understand the information you just received. Is the message clear enough, so that there is no misunderstanding.

The main criteria in a communication is to K.I.S.S. - "Keep It Short n Sharp", or "Keep It Short n Simple". In this way, there are less chances of miscommunication.

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The ability to convey information correctly is also a talent.

Yes. Indeed. :-)