Europa Champions League February 17, 2021

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We had another two games today, Sevilla-Borussia Dortmund and Porto-Juventus. Yesterday Liverpool's game was not televised, today both games are being televised, the networks must have something against me. Well I decided on watching Porto-Juventus and I was rewarded in the first minute, another of the usual howlers, for no particular reason players decide to send the ball back to their goalkeeper, they can give it to another defender, forward it to another teammate or just kick the ball away, but no, they give it back to the goalkeeper, all Taremi had to do was kick it in, nice start for Porto, let's see if Juve can get back in the game.

The first half was Juventus trying and Porto just doing enough to not get into any trouble, it finished 1-0 for Porto. The second half started like the first half, a first minute Porto goal, it is looking difficult for Juventus now. Juventus scored a good goal on the 81 minute by Chiesa, this goal gives Juventus a better future, now they just have to win 1-0 in Turin. The game is looking much better now, Juventus is going for the draw. But no the game ended 2-1 in Porto's favor, we will see if Juventus can make a comeback.

In the other game Sevilla lost 2-3 against Dortmund with two Halland goals, this guy scores a goal per game at least. And in another league the English premier Everton hosted Manchester City and lost 1-3, like I have been saying it seems City is unstoppable.

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