A rabbit's plan to rule the world, Part 15 [Deu/Eng]

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Hello all you beautiful people out there,

I just love the new Steampunk inspired world Rookburgh at Phantasialand Germany - and obviously I just HAD TO wear my matching dress from Devilinspired

Unfortunatly a few accessoires and shoes I ordered didn't arrive in time...I guess I can't help it and will need to come back again to take new photos
(I actually wouldn't bother, since the weather is just horrible now and Phantasialand is always so beautiful and so much fun!)


(Aka Hasenprinzessin)

Hallo ihr wundervollen Menschen da draußen,

Ich liebe die neue Steampunk inspirierte Themenwelt Rookburgh im Phantasialand - da MUSSTE ich natürlich mein passendes Kleid von devilinspired anziehen

Leider sind blos nicht alle Accessoires sowie die passenden Schuhe angekommen...kann man wohl nichts machen: ich muss noch mal wieder kommen für neue Photos
(Nicht, dass ich ernsthaft ein Problem damit hätte, da altuell das Wetter leider super kacke ist und das Phantasialand sowieso immer wieder schön ist und Spaß macht!)


(Aka Hasenprinzessin)


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How beautiful you look Liza, a whole beautiful lady that hurts that your accessories did not arrive completely from your clothes but you look great .. do you have whatsApp?

Thank you^^

The accessoires finally arrived, so now I just need to make new photos ❤

Sorry, I don't have WhatsApp, but Insta if that would help?

If Instagram seems wonderful to me, how can I follow you there?

I am @Prinzessin_der_Hasen on IG^^ what is your account?

ok I think it's cool my account is @antonicaruci there we can talk better .. to see if I invite you to Venezuela