Splinterlands - Finally...Mimosa Arrives to me...

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Hello Friends,


Yesss, finally my Splinterlands cards home got a powerful new member into the house and it's none other than Mimosa Nightshade!!!

In the quest of getting another Halfling Alchemist, I gotta purchase 5 more Untamed packs today and I wasn't disappointed.


It wasn't just Mimosa Nightshade, I got few more nice monsters including a Gold Foiled One.

Here I go to showcase the cards to you.


Besides the Mimosa Nightshade, as you can see, there is a Gold Foiled Rare card in Luminous Eagle.
Other notable ones includes a regular Luminous Eagle, a Cave Slug, a Mantoid among those.


Last few purchases of Untamed packs excluding this weren't that fruitful to me as I didn't get any Legendary or Epic ones except for some low cost Gold Foiled cards.

But, today, seems to be a good day for me as besides this Legendary one from packs, I am also on the verge of making it to Diamond I league and still there is enough time left for me to reach Champions III league, where I belonged to for the last 4-5 seasons.


Halfling Alchemist:


I am already loving the Halfling Alchemist and won many battles easily because of the monster as it keeps halving the attack of the monster it attacks and it's real fun in winning those battles because of Halfling Alchemist.

I will come up with a separate blog with few battles involving Halfling Alchemist just to showcase how that monster brings more value to the battle.

Although not that powerful when it comes to the ranged attack it has, Halfling Alchemist's ability to halve the attack(melee, ranged or magic) is worth buying this monster and I will accumulate as many as possible before the airdrop ends!!!

Until the next blog with Halfling Alechemist, bye for now.


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