Splinterlands - Share Your Battle Weekly Challenge with Theme: Giant Squid

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Hello Friends,



New week already started and so is another Share Your Battle Weekly Challenge from team @splinterlands.
We have this week's challenge with Water Splinter monster Giant Squid.


An Untamed Rare Water splinter monster, Giant Squid is a ranged attack monster which has abilities of Blind and Weaken.


Blind ability enables this monster with an increased chance of evading getting hit by melee or ranged mobsters.

This ability is available from level 4 onwards of this monster which has a max of 8 levels.


Weaken ability reduces the health of all of opponent's monsters by One.

This ability is available with max level i.e. Eighth level only.


Let us sneak peak into the characteristics of this monster.


Ranged Attack:

It can go upto 3 ranged attack in it's 8 levels.

While it starts with 2 and continues so till level 6, level 7 and 8 can have a max of 3 ranged attack.


This is a bit of drawback to use this card at low level as it starts with a speed of 1 and from Third level till Fifth, it gets to 2 and remaining 3 a maximum of 3 speed.


I guess to compensate the slowness of this monster, it starts with a armor and 2 from level 5 onwards.


Health is OK for a 5 MANA cost monster and starts with 4 health and from level 2 itself till max level of 8, it has 5 health.


Battle and Lineup:



So, this battle was with a MANA cap of 36 but Healed Out and additionally had Heavy Hitters
As we know, Healed Out takes out the healing ability of all monsters.
Heavy Hitters is the best I have recently experienced and allows a double the normal attack on a monster which is Stunned.
I preferred to go out with 3 monsters with Stun ability to utilize the Heavy Hitters opportunity and here is my lineup.

1. Goblin Mech:


First one with Stun ability and used this as front monster for it's already having heavy hitting melee attack of 5 and also for armors.

2. Water Elemental:


Used this to withstand any sniper attack and also for the 3 ranged attack which turns to be 6 for a stunned monster.

3. Medusa:


Second monster with Stun ability which also gives me 3 magic attack which again goes up to 6 on a stunned monster.

4. Giant Squid:


This is something I doesn't use much because of my low level card and also because there are other low MANA but same attack giving monsters like Naga Windmaster and Highland Archer. I am just trying to explore it for this challenge.

5. Crustacean King:


A healer by default, but with no healing in this battle, I used this for the armors it gives.

6. Cyclops:


Another Stun monster with good ranged attack and also can hold the end for some time because of it's Shield ability.

Isn't that nice lineup for a Healed Out and Heavy Hitters battle?

Now, we have to see the opponent's lineup as well and opponent lined up Lord Arianthus, Cyclops, Mushroom Seer, Javelin Thrower, Spirit of the Forest and Centaur. A good lineup, but luckily, there wasn't a Stun ability one.


Let's get into the battle now!!!

Round 1:

Any time, I would say, Lord Arianthus is far more better than a Goblin Mech, but not this time because of Heavy Hitters enabled.

So, the Lord Arianthus after getting stunned by Goblin Mech couldn't survive beyond First round and Goblin Mech itself got Poisoned by Mushroom Seer, but still survived the first round.

Lord A's removal means, Cyclops got into front and I would say it's valuable ranged attack got wasted here.


Round 2:

Gobline Mech was first to be removed in second round followed by opponent's Cyclops.

Sadly, there wasn't a Stun in this round!!


Round 3:

Without any melee and healing ability, Earth Elemental got wiped out early in Third round and Mushroom Seer next to go.


Round 4:

At this point of time, battle would have been opponent's had he had any melee or magic attack, but there wasn't one and also the Spirit of the Forest and Centaur being Sniper attackers, my 2 health Medusa survived and Stunned* the Javelin Thrower to get rid of it with help of other monsters.


Round 5:

With just Centaur to attack for the opponent, it's almost over and Spirit of the Forst was stunned by Medusa, but there wasn't any casualty in this round.


Round 6:

Giant Squid got sniped out by Centaur but Spirit of the Forest survives another round without even Healing ability!!!


Round 7:

Spirit of the Forst with 1 health from previous round, got removed early and Centaur survived this round with just 2 health left.


Round 8:

It took all but one hit from Medusa to remove Centaur and end this Epic battle.


A big sigh of relief for me to beat an very often battling opponent.


Question answer time!!

Did my strategy work? What will I try differently next time?

I would say, yes, without Healing ability, I did well to lineup a great deck for Heavy Hitters battle with 3 monsters who can Stun and other just enjoy hitting with double power ;)

If I have to try something different, then, might be to include a melee or magic attack monster at second position instead of Earth Elemental.

Do I use the GIANT SQUID often? Why or why not?

Not really, because, as I said, there are few other well established monsters for me with lesser MANA cost and with same ranged attack, which could work better than Giant Squid for me. But an upgraded Giant Squid might be useful for me, but not right now!!!


That's the end of this blog, really, yes.

I always enjoy spending quality time in bringing up these battles week on week basis and hope you didn't get bored as usual ;)

Until next one, Take care and be safe and don't forget to keep battling :)


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