Splinterlands - A Gold Foiled Epic War Chaang and a Legendary Mimosa Nightshade From 5 Packs

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Hello Everyone,

I have to say it's my biggest day as for as Splinterlands is concerned..

I just purchased 5 Untamed packs to be eligible for the upcoming airdrops and guess what, I got more than 3 times the amount I invested in 5 packs

Here are those 25 cards I got from 5 packs.



I don't know whether a Gold Foiled Epic War Chang(costing $9.89 as per market price) is more valuable or a Legendary Mimosa Nightshade(costs about $10.74)!!!

But, I would pick that dark death splinter magic lady summoner of Mimosa Nightshade over the Gold Foiled War Chaang for the simple reason that, she is a Summoner and all the monsters summoned by her, will have those abilities she grants!!

Wow, I never thought I will be able to but a Summoner of the calibre of Mimosa Nightshade or a Gold Foiled Epic like the other one.

But, it's a dream come true that, the introduction of airdrop of Halfling Alchemist persuaded me to purchase these 5 packs and made me a owner of Legendary Summoner along with Gold Foiled Epic.

Other Monsters:

Some of the other notable monsters include as below:

Spark Pixies, the Fire Splinter ranged attack monster with flying ability.

Couple of Sniping Narwhal to strengthen my Water splinter sniping ability

A Shieldbearer for my Life Splinter with Taunt ability.

Couple of Opportunity monsters like Feasting Seaweed and Cave Slug.

Here is a snapshot of the analysis of the openings thanks to monstermarket.io.




It is a complete set as it has a Legendary, an Epic, many Rare and more than that number of Common monsters and I won't complain about the returns at all as it's thrice the amount of investment and not to forget the additional (approximately) 1.5$ worth Halfling Alchemist I got as airdrop.

Now, I am in a dilemma whether to retain the 2 noteworthy monsters cards or to sell those and buy few more packs.

Why I say this is that, a level 1 Legendary Summoner restricts the abilities of my Death splinter monsters, so I have to buy more Mimosa Nightshade in order to use that.

And I am not a big fan of War Chaang as I feel it's usage will be limited because of it's 7 mana cost.

So, what do you say guys, should I hodl them back or sell?

Catch you later my friends, Keep Battling

Splinterlands is a card based Blockchain game and rewards it's users in the form of Crypto Currency viz. DEC for playing the games called as battles.

It's all fun while earning some Crypto.

Not yet tried Splinterlands? You can join using this link and have some fun.

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I checked the crystal ball... and while this is NOT financial advice...

For real though, if you know you don't want to level Mimosa or the War Chang might as well get something out of them and let them go play with someone else. 🤣