Twisted Jester, like the joker, but more lethal

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This week there is a new challenge, and this time it is with one of the most veteran splinterland cards, the Twisted Jester. This character has always been a very strong card and a reference within the splinter of death, has good damage points accompanied by a good speed and useful skills.

Being an Alpha / Beta card, its market value can be a bit high, if you're starting in Splinterlands you can get cheaper options, however, the Twisted Jester is a very playable card and also collectable (its value can keep increasing, maybe).

Twisted Jester abilities

A double-edged skill, bifurcation of damage is not always the best option, it is generally preferable to concentrate the damage on one enemy, but there are always exceptions. When several cards with this skill are used in one team the result can be very good.
Very good ability to avoid sneaker attacks or participate in front lines during the Close Range rule.

Some statistics

The battle statistics of the Twisted Jester have disappointed me, I thought it was a card with very good performance on the battlefield but surprisingly I see that lately it has not been the case.

According to the Splinterlands Meta Snapshot, the Twisted Jester has a very low win rate, is used approximately 2.39% and only wins 38.82% of the time, having its best performances during rule sets with the "Unprotected" rule where it reaches a win rate of 53.84%.

Let's see the Twisted Jester in action in the following battle.

Ruleset: Little League
Mana Cap: 99
Active Splinters: Fire, Death, Dragon

The line up

daria.png Daria Dragonscale
In a battle with 99 mana, dragons will most likely be involved, even if it's a little league, so it's time for Daria to do her thing.
animatedcorpse.png Animated Corpse
I don't have many options for 4 mana points, but this card is a rather decent tank, it will help me a lot in case the enemy uses magic attack cards.
manticore.png Manticore
One of my strongest cards, attacks from the second position taking advantage of Daria's bonus and serving as a secondary tank.
firespitter.png Fire Spitter
Charizard has always been my favorite Pokémon, in a battle with dragons I can't leave it out, this card has some pretty high stats for its cost, I love it.
twistedjester.png Twisted Jester
This card may not go in this position, or it may? I like to order the wizards and archers depending on their life points, The Jester at the end of the formation was also a good option, but I preferred it here.
darkastronomer.png Dark Astronomer
That ability to break the shields is what I like best about this card, it's very useful most of the time.
dragonlingbowman.png Dragonling Bowman
A rarely used card, combines sneak ability with long distance attacks, very good.

The Battle


The strategy work?

A rather violent battle, where there were deaths from the very first turn. Both teams had cards that did a lot of damage very quickly.

The enemy cards had a very good level, but did not take advantage of the potential of having all the mana available and the dragon type cards gave me the advantage, especially the Manticore that in the middle of the fight took the role of tank playing it efficiently.

Both Twisted Jester, did a great job in doing a lot of damage to the opposing team, so much so that the enemy Twisted Jester was the last one to fall, showing how hard this card can be.

You could say that the strategy paid off

Thanks for taking the time to read my post & don't hesitate to leave your comment, see you at the game.

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You're good setting up all your battles, you rock. 👍

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Hey thanks, really the dragon cards are very good, I love this splinter and how it can be combined with the other cards.

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