Splinterlands - A Battle of Two Legendary Summoners - Yodin Zaku vs Mimosa Nightshade

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Hello battlers,


I would like to present to you a recent battle which is between the 2 Legendary Summoners Yodin Zaku and Mimosa Nightshade.

Before I write any further, I would like to thank Splinterlands Grind(@foggybottom is the HIVE account) account holder on twitter for the delegation of Yodin Zaku as part of a giveaway few days back.

I am loving it and it's helping me to scale new heights in terms of leagues as I reached Diamond II after some time with the help of delegated Yodin Zaku summoner.

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OK, coming back to the battle I would like to write here, I just want to say that both the Summoners(Yodin Zaku and Mimosa Nightshade) are amazing with different abilities they provide to each of the monsters they summon, I feel I just need to give a snapshot of the abilities for both of these summoners.

Yodin Zaku:


A Fire splinter summoner with abilities of increasing the ranged attack by 1 for all the monsters it summons along with increasing the health by 1 for each of those monsters and also enables Blasting ability for each of those... Oh, it's a beast and equips it's monsters with so many good abilities!!!

Mimosa Nightshade:


Wow!! isn't she beautiful? I mean, this Death Splinter summoner is not just doing black magics, she is also beautiful ;)

She enables the monsters she summons with abilities of void (reduced damage from magic monsters) and inflicts Affliction(takes out healing ability from opponent's monsters) besides reducing the ranged attack by 1 for all the opponent's monsters.

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Fine!! I am done with introduction of both of these amazing Summoners.
Let's see the lineup and move onto battle now!!



This battle with 48 Mana cap, had battle types Melee Mayhem(melee attack monsters can attack from any position) and Target Practice(All magic and ranged attack monsters target the ranged and magic monster from second line if any)


As you can see above, I used a Goblin Mech as front monster followed by Pit Ogre, Exploding Dwarf, Kobold Miner, Molten Ogre and Ettin Spearman.

Opponent had used Goblin Mech, Phantom Soldier, Spirit Miner, Boogeyman, Fallen Specter and Undead Rexx.

Round 1:

Since I had solitary ranged monster in Ettin Spearman*, all the opponent's magic and ranged attack monsters targeted that and reduced it's health to 2.

But most importantly, since all my monsters had the Blast ability enabled, were able to remove the front and second monsters along with **Fallen Specter from opponent's lineup i.e. Goblin Mech and Phantom Soldier and Fallen Specter in this round.

Monsters after round 1..


Round 2:

With 3 monsters left to battle(Spirit Miner, Boogeyman and Undead Rexx), opponent's task was an uphill one.

This round saw end of my monster Ettin Spearman and opponent didn't loose any as his Spirit Miner kept dodging the melee attack monsters.


Round 3:

Goblin Mech got removed early in this round and opponent's Spirit Miner and Boogeyman were removed by blast of Exploding Dwarf and Pit Ogre was the last man standing for opponent, which also was removed soon.


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Clearly, Yodin Zaku outscored the dark lady of Mimosa Nightshade here and the Blast ability makes the Yodin Zaku's monsters more potent and gives very less chance for opponent.

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That's all folks, I hope you enjoyed going thru this battle and my writing.
I am sure @neoxian and @zaku(upon whom the Yodin Zaku is named) will be proud of this collaboration and all we Splinterlands battlers are grateful to those 2 along with Splinterlands creators itself for the introduction of this Wonderful Legendary Summoner.

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