Splinterlands - Daily Quest and Season End Rewards

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Hello battlers,

Hope you all had some nice rewards from the recently concluded season.

I wasn't that lucky as I got some ordinary ones except for an ORB pack.

I would like to first update on my Daily Quest completion rewards as there is something to cheer from those for me :).

Yes, I got a Gold Foiled Gelatinous Cube as one of the rewards cards.

Here are the details of rewards I received..


As I am trying to build fully gold foiled decks for each of the splinters, every gold foiled card I receive from Daily Quest or Season End Rewards, will go a long way in accomplishing my goal.

The rewards from Season End were not that great this time for me as I got all ordinary cards.

Few notable among those are, Naga Windmaster, Boogeyman and yes, a Furious Chicken.

Unlike previous season end rewards, the DEC from chests wasn't even great as most of those chests with DEC had single digit value DEC.

Here is a snapshot of cards from season end.


As we gear up for another airdrop from Splinterlands (Just about 2K Untamed packs left for the next airdrop), it's time to welcome the Legendary Fire Splinter Summoner Yodin Zaku.

Although, I am not even close to getting one of those Yodin Zaku, I hope the people who purchased more and more Untamed packs get the feel of it and we atleast get to see it in battles ;)

Are you bored of the extended lockdown? Just think of the situation if the lockdown is not imposed and the virus spreads like anything.

Be thankful for the decisions of the Governments to keep the spreading under control and also the thanks should go to those Doctors, Nurses, Policemen, Media People and all others including the grocery and vegetable sellers who are serving us keeping their life at risk and a big salute to each of those.

Thanks for reading, Have a Good day :)

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Mmmm... The Cube... and gold to boot!

For real though, I've already done a 'Cube challenge' ...I think... but IT. IS. AMAZING.... unless you're on the receiving end. 😘

Oh is it? Then I missed that!!
May be it was before this account got created.
Anyways, you can count me for all the upcoming challenges as I am more enthusiastic to share some nice battles.