Splinterlands - First Champions III League Appearance and Daily Quest Updates

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Hello battlers,


Last few days have been very good for me as a Splinterlands player and as a result of that, I have made it to the Champions III league for the first time in these 5 months since I started playing Splinterlands battles in March 2020.

Some of the points which helped me in reaching the Third highest league are:

  1. Playing continuously without missing it much(Yeah, missed for few days when I have to go out of town for some work)

  2. Converting the DEC received into cards by purchasing thru Splinterlands market or monstermarket.io

  3. Publishing blogs related to Splinterlands Daily Quests, Season End Rewards and participating in Splinterlands Weekly contests and thus earning Crypto and converting that to purchase booster packs and cards.

  4. Participating in giveaways by various players and Splinterlands giveaways thru @splinterlore account on twitter.

By doing these things, I was able to invest as much as possible into the game and build some decent deck if not a very high profile deck for each of the Splinters and as a result of that, I could make it to Champions league.

My aim has been to build nice gold monsters deck for each Splinters and I have been making progress everyday with that.

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Daily Quest Rewards:

Last few Daily Quests have also been very good for me as I either got some nice rewards cards or got booster packs with some good cards returns or in many cases, I even got good amount of DEC from chests.

Here are the details of the rewards from the last Two Daily Quests I completed.

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Daily Quest on Ninth July:


As we can see above, there are couple of chests with close to 1.8K DEC and in total, about 2K DEC from one Daily Quest Rewards, which isn't bad considering the DEC is equivalent to the amount of One Untamed booster pack price.

Besides the DEC, there are those potions, which I am still not sure whether those really increases the chances of getting Gold Foiled and Legendary monsters cards.

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Daily Quest Tenth July:


I could get a Rare Grim Reaper, a Wave Runner, a Silvershield Assassin and another Ant Miners as notable reward cards.

So, it's like either good DEC or some good cards I am getting on daily basis although no Legendary ones.

I am hoping that, you do have your own success stories about Splinterlands. Then why wait? Publish it and share the joy with others.

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I hope you are enjoying the Splinterlands battles as much as I enjoy.

Thanks for going thru the blog and the details of rewards.

See You Soon.

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