Splinterlands - My First Ever Diamond I League Apperance

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Hello battlers,


I am sure, all your adrenaline will be pumping up high right now as the Splinterlands season is about to end today in about 14 hours.

Those last minutes push for wins to reach the next higher level in order to receive more chests from season end rewards is always there.
Having said that, I myself reached a milestone yesterday by reaching the Diamond I league for the first time in my short Splinterlands battle career.

What this new achievement means to me?

Well, it means a lot as it gives more confidence to push for that Champions league appearance sooner or later and it also means, I get 10 additional chests, a total of 60 from my usual total of 50.
Who knows, there might be a Gold Foiled Legendary or a normal Legendary worth some nice bucks, ah, I am just dreaming :)

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You know what, there is already a small present/gift to me in memory of this reaching Diamond I league.

Yes, I got my daily quest rewards few minutes back and the gift I got is my first Legendary Fallen Specter and few other nice cards like Screeching Vulture, Warrior of Peace and few other cards along with some potions and DEC.

Here are the details of the cards and DEC from daily quest chests:


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Today is significant as we all know, the season is ending.

But even more important thing is that of Splinterlands moving to Hive and hopefully, that brings more and more battlers into the game and makes it even more interesting.

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That's all for now friends, catch you on the other side of the Season End with all the details of Rewards cards, DEC and ORB packs if any :)

Keep Battling till the season ends :)

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