Splinterlands - Share Your Battle Weekly Challenge with Barking Spider Theme

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Hello battlers,



Another week is about to end and here is my blog in response to Splinterlands Weekly Challenge.

This week's challenge is for Earth Splinter monster Barking Spider and as for as I am concerned, this is one of the less used monsters because of other monsters with same Mana requirement like Screeching Vulture or Earth Elemental but Barking Spider has it's own advantage with a nice ability in blind.

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Barking Spider, a common Earth Splinter ranged attack monster and is a lesser used monster from Earth Splinter.

It has good health and moderate speed and medium ranged attack with 3 being the most in max level.

Level-wise details are available in below screenshot.


It's ability of blind available from level 6 is one of the nice abilities which increases the chance of missing the target for melee and ranged attack monsters.

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I had a battle with 19 Mana for this Weekly Challenge and the battle type were Unprotected(no armors) and Even Stevens(only even monsters to be used) and even opponent used Earth splinter with increasing is melee attack by using Dragon Splinter.

My lineup for this battle was as below:

Flesh Golem:


My go to man with Earth Splinter in most of the battles since it's a self healing monster with 3 melee attack and good enough health of 9.

Furious Chicken:


I didn't want to expose my magic and ranged attack monsters lined after this and hence, I used this in second position. This being a 19 Mana battle, i had a vacant space and used Furious Chicken.

Wood Nymph:


I could accommodate this healer in this low Mana battle and wanted it to be in the middle and hence, used it in Third position with Barking Spider and Swamp Thing to follow.

Barking Spider:


This being the monster in this week's theme, used it here for it's 2 ranged attack.

Swamp Thing:


Last but not the least, used this for spare 2 Mana for it's weaken ability and a ranged attack it provides.

Let me also tell about opponent's lineup.

Opponent used Stonesplitter Orc, Wood Nymph, Furious Chicken and Magi of the Forest.

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Round 1:

Opponent's usage of Stonesplitter Orc at the front made me worried for some time since it has that retaliate ability with 5 melee attack. But, Swamp Thing usage by me reduced it's health by One and helped in getting rid of Stonesplitter Orc in round 1.


Round 2:

Removal of Stonesplitter Orc in previous round brought Wood Nymph into front. Although it healed itself, it's 4 health wasn't enough to escape the attack and it and Furious Chicken were removed easily in this round leaving only Magi of the Forest to carry out the battle for opponent.


Round 3:

2 Health Magi of the Forest was tamed early in this round and that gave an easy win for me with DEC and rating points details as below.


It was a nice battle and opponent's non-usage of a self healer at the front cost the match and gave a win for me.

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Did your strategy work? What will you try differently next time?

Yes, it was an easy win with a self healing Flesh Golem at the front, it was a good deck for the available 19 Mana for this battle.

I will use an Opportunity monster whenever available instead of Barking Spider any time and that would be the change I will make.

Do you use the BARKING SPIDER often? Why or why not?

No, not much.

The reason being, if we check the Earth Splinter monsters, there are many with 3 or 4 mana which gives good attack including an Opportunity monster and couple of ranged and even magic monsters and hence, I prefer to use one of those since Barking Spider I have is a level 5 and miss that Blind ability yet.

That is it my friends. I will come back later with further updates.

For now, bye Bye :)

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