Splinterlands - Some Untamed Packs purchase and cards from it including a Legendary Magnor

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Hello Everyone,

It's not every day that we get to purchase the booster packs, but I got one such opportunity today as I had some steem to buy 5 Untamed packs.
What also forced me to purchase the packs is because of the newly introduced Promo card Halfling Alchemist.

I saw many using that in battles against me and also posting some blogs about it's benefit and that made me to have one thru the current airdrop going on.

Let me remind you the current price of Halfling Alchemist is about $1.45!!!.

So, it's not a bad thing to invest some money in buying packs and get some Halfling Alchemists along.

I purchased 5 packs from Splinterlands Market and I was astonished to get a Legendary, an Epic and a Gold Foiled Monster among those 25 cards I got.

So, straightway, I will share the screenshots of cards first.


There you see that Fire Splinter Giant of Magnor as a Legendary card I got!!!

And also that Gold Foiled Mantoid beside that and as a more fascinated Gold Foiled cards collector, Mantoid makes me more happier than the Magnor although Magnor is definitely a value addition to my Fire Splinter.

What other good ones I got?

Here I go with other cards which I feel a nice value addition.


Those 3 Water splinter cards are good to have, especially Albatross when it becomes a level 6, it gives me another healing option besides the Crustacean King I have already.

All those Fire Splinter ones are nice ones given that +1 for all the melee attack ones means, atleast there will be 3 melee attack for each of those.

Also to note is the fact that, there are 3 Opportunity monsters in those and Opportunity monsters are the go monsters right now.

And... Don't forget that, I got this airdropped new promo guy who at 2 Mana, gives more flare to the battles.


What else you could have asked for a 10K DEC apart from that Legendary, a Epic and a GOld Foiled one besides some low cost nice to have monsters?

Thanks for reading, Have a Wonderful Day :)

Splinterlands is a card based Blockchain game and rewards it's users in the form of Crypto Currency viz. DEC for playing the games called as battles.

It's all fun while earning some Crypto.

Not yet tried Splinterlands? You can join using this link and have some fun.

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