Splinterlands Weekly Battle Challenge with Goblin Mech Monster

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Hello battlers,



Another nice monster chosen by team of @splinterlands and especially @carrieallen to make our lockdown days interesting with this Weekly Challenge of sharing a battle with chosen monster.

As usual, let's start by having a sneak at Goblin Mech's lore picture and the lore.


Goblin Mech is a common neutral monster which has abilities like Piercing and Stun.

It's one of the widely used monsters with almost all splinters because of it's high melee attack from level 1 and also the shields or armors as we call, which helps in getting directly hit and saves the life of this monster.

Above said details and other things like melee attack, speed, armor and health details can be seen in below screenshot taken from stats of the monsters from splinterlands.


It has 2 abilities which are much suited for this monster to take out bunch of monsters single handed if everything goes well with the abilities it has.

Let's see abilities in detail:

1. Piercing:

Piercing ability enables this heavy hitter to pierce thru the armors and reduce health of the monster it attacks if the armor is less than the melee attack of Goblin Mech.

2. Stun:

Stunning, we have seen in previous week's challenges as well. As we know, when this monster stuns the monster it attacks, the attacked monster cannot attack in the next round.

Let's imagine we have a Nectar Queen or a Magnor or even Lord of Darkness attacked by Goblin Mech with 2 or 3 successive stuns with say 6 melee attack, the monster which is stunned may lose out it's health and die.

Needless to say, it's one of the hard hitting monsters except that it is a weak one against magic attack either from Water splinters or even other splinters.

We better have a detail of the melee attack, speed and other things as per above screenshot.
Melee Attack:

It's one of the best monsters when it comes to melee attack which starts with 4 and rises to 5 in fifth level and eventually 6 in ninth level.

Just imagine if we have couple of other monsters with inspire ability, Goblin Mech becomes more deadly.


Well, I feel the constant speed of 3 throughout the 10 levels of this monsters is a bit of less advantageous as it may get hit by 2 or 3 monsters before it actually attacks for the first time.

Just imagine it's against water splinter and Ruler of the Seas and Sea Genie are there with 5 and 4 (apprised because of Ruler of Seas swiftness ability) speed with 4 magic attacks each. The Goblin Mech may not get a chance to attack at all as it's health of 8 will not be enough.


This is one of the important features of this monster to protect it's health (except against water splinter).

Armor size starts with 5 and goes up to 6 in in levels 3 to 7 and ends at 7 in eighth to tenth levels.


Health varies as the abilities are bestowed in different levels.

Initial health in level 1 is 6 and increases to 7 in second, third and sixth levels8 in remaining levels except for the last level, where in it goes up to 9 health.

That's about the different features this monster has.


Let's move on to the battle, which is the important thing as for as this Weekly Challenge is concerned.


As we can see above, this was a battle which enabled us to use monsters upto a Mana of 40 or 41 based on the summoner mana cost with only restriction of using only even mana cost monsters in the battle.


I used Fire splinter with monsters as detailed below in order.

1. Goblin Mech:


This battle with any specific scenarios(Super Sneak, Melee Mayhem etc.), just required to place strong monster at the front and I felt Goblin Mech can be a winner for me with it's melee attack of 6(5+1 for Fire splinter usage)

2. Magma Troll:


This with low mana cost of 4, I felt a prefect partner for Goblin Mech with it's Reach ability and can give a 3 melee attack.

3. Ettin Spearman:


One of the best ranged attack monsters with nice ranged attack and also can withstand the snipe attack for some time with it's 8 health.

4. Mantoid:


Used this for checking the ranged monsters the opponent might have as Goblin Mech gives that little extra freedom to enable fellow monsters to attack second line monsters.

5. Parasitic Growth:


The reason I felt like using this is to wipe out any monsters like Screeping Ooze or Furious Chicken and other low health monsters and again this is due to courtesy of Goblin Mech's resilience.



With dodging ability, this can withstand any 'sneak' for some time and also give 2 valuable ranged attack.

That's about my lineup for this battle.

Opponent used Earth splinter and monsters in the order are: Flesh Golem,
Grumpy Dwarf, Wood Nymph, Goblin Thief and Centaur.

Battle - Round1:

Opponent had high speed monsters, but Goblin Mech and co was able to suppress the challenge by removing Flesh Golem and Wood Nymph in first round itself.

Goblin Mech was still with an armor.


Round 2:

With opponent's healer removed early, it was a daunting task for other monsters and Grumpy Dwarf along with Goblin Thief lost and before that, opponent's 2 snipers, Centaur and Mantoid were able to take out my Ettin Spearman.


Round 3:

Already opponent's sniper, Mantoid out to front, nothing much was left and
soon, Mantoid was removed by end of round 4.


Round 5:

Centaur evaded the attack twice in round 4. But round 5 saw it surrendering and I won the battle with Goblin Mech finishing off Centaur!!!


That was not much hi leveled battle, but 5 rounds were good enough.

Did your strategy work? What will you try differently next time?

Definitely, I could smell the win in first round itself after Flesh Golem and Wood Nymph were removed.

Anything different if I would have tried, frankly, that lineup looks great with each monster served the purpose of it's inclusion.

Do you use the GOBLIN MECH often? Why or why not?

** Not much, but yes, whenever high mana cap is there or when I have any super sneak or melee mayhem, I will definitely use this.**

That's it guys from me, I thoroughly enjoyed writing this about the battle.

Hope you enjoyed this bit lengthy blog.

Until next one, take care.

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