Splinterlands Weekly Share Your Battle Challenge with OPPORTUNITY monsters

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Hello battlers,



Opportunities are very much importannt for anyone to start something new!!

Without Opportunities, even a skilled person cannot do much and deprived of showcasing his/her skills.

Talking about Opportunity, we do have this week's Splinterlands Weekly Share Your Battle Challenge with theme of Opportunity, an ability bestowed to some of the monsters and this is a change from usual way of selecting a monster and using it in a battle for the challenge.

Opportunity is the ability to attack from any position the monster may be in(mind you this is for melee monsters) and also the ability to attack the monster with lowest health.

Now, this is something new and as of now, all the Splinters have an Opportunity monster and some of my favorites are Dragon Jumper from Dragon Splinter, Screeching Vulture from Earth Splinter and Serpentine Spy from Fire Splinter.

Screeching Vulture is my favorite as that is the best Opportunity monster I have and I am yet to acquire a Dragon Jumper since it's a bit of on costly side.

So, I used Earth Splinter and here is my lineup for a short battle with 19 Mana cap.




Flesh Golem:


I used Flesh Golem in front position for it's healing ability and also since it gives me 3 melee attack.

This is by far, the most used monster from Earth Splinter I think and except for a bit vulnerable with Water Splinter, this saves the day for us on most of the times we use this monster.

Furious Chicken:


Since this is a low Mana battle, I used this to avoid my next monsters getting exposed early, especially to a magic and blast monster like Ruler of the Seas.

Goblin Sorcerer:


Wanted to utilize the low Mana to the best and I thought this will be good to last for few rounds with it's 2 magic attack and 3(2+1 for Earth Splinter usage) health.

Screeching Vulture:


Here comes the monster we are talking about as part of this Weekly Challenge.

Screeching Vulture is good to have among Earth lineup because of it's speed and melee attack although it's main drawback is the health at lower levels, which makes it vulnerable against Opportunity* monsters from other side.

Wood Nymph:


This is the last on my lineup since this is a Fog of War battle and it's healing ability is what makes it most used among Earth Splinter monsters.

That's about my lineup for this pretty short battle.

Opponent thought in a different way and lined up Unicorn Mustang, Failed Summoner, Khmer Princess and Parasitic Growth.

Designed Line.png

OK, we have seen about the ability, we saw the lineup, let's see how the battle did go.

This battle, as I mentioned above, had a Fog of War and Broken Arrows battle type allowing us to use melee or ranged attack monsters only and also sneak and snipe abilities taken off.

Round 1:


Round 1 was quite normal and Unicorn Mustang landed the first blow of the battle and Flesh Golem returned the favor by attacking back Unicorn Mustang

Only casualty in this round was Furious Chicken from my side and it did it's job by taking the blow from Parasitic Growth and saved my Goblin Sorcerer for another round.


Round 2:

*Khmer Princess with 2 health was the target for Opportunist monster Screeching Vulture and was removed in this round while, Goblin Sorcerer came under the radar of opportunity monster from other side, Parasitic Growth


Round 3:

Without a healer, Unicorn Mustang was unable to take the blows from Flesh Golem and other monsters and perished in this round and Parasitic Growth continued attacking Goblin Sorcerer and hunted it down.


Round 4:

With Failed Summoner moving to front at the expense of Unicorn Mustang, battle got much easier for me as opponent had just 2 monsters left with Parasitic Growth being the other.

Failed Summoner was removed early and Parasitic Growth was also taken down before it could attack in this round.


It was pretty easy battle and usage of Opportunity monster didn't fail me although melee monster Flesh Golem was prominent here.

Designed Line.png

Did your strategy work? What will you try differently next time?

It worked good for me and I am still new to Opportunity monsters and I know with acquisition of monsters like Dragon Jumper, I can make even better moves and improve.

I think the lineup I used is the best with whatever monsters I have and doesn't feel anything else would have made it more easier win for me.

Do you use OPPORTUNITY often? Why or why not?

Like I said, these are still early days of Opportunity monsters for me and whenever there is an opportunity to use those, I will definitely use and try my best to win battles.

Designed Line.png

That sums up this blog and hope I didn't bore you much with those words or the flow of the battle ;)

Have fun and Have a Good Day friends :)

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