Champion III again. It's the biggest miracle since Liverpool won the , Oh wait a second.......My bad.

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I don't know how it happened last season. I though that there was a mistake somewhere in the @splinterlands. Somebody fixed the draw and gave me a few handy wins as I somehow scraped into Champion III with a handful of points to spare. I was so close to the line that it wasn't worth playing another battle as the season before I spend and hour trying to bridge that last 50 spaces to creep in unsuccessfully.

To be fair I haven't really strengthened my deck much bar adding a few more untamed to mix it up but even then they wouldn't be to a high level. More for tournament play.

Now maybe I am getting a bit better or everybody else is getting a bit worse as this season I wen't one step further again and made it into the champion leagues with two days to spare. Not only that but I was high enough to finish my quests both of those days safely and squeeze an extra few rewards out of it as well.

Happy days, as we say over here. If I didn't get caught on a zoom call I would have even gotten over confident and wasted another couple of hours trying to unsuccessfully climb in division II but thankfully I didn't have to frustrate myself trying to get there. 😂

Either way I managed to get a few rewards and ready to go at it again.





  • 17 Cards, 1 Epic - 21 Legendary
  • 2519 DEC
  • 6 Legendary Potion
  • 16 Alchemy Potion

Not a bad haul and onto the next one. Have fun and see you on the battle field.

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