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Hello dear friends, everyone can make a great start together. Steemit has given me a new thought. I thank everyone You will like my blog. I am starting #thediarygame again. Talk about my activities

It is nice to get up early in the morning. I awake from sleep according to time. Some live in their rooms. Then I come out. First of all, I do hot water for myself. I always use cumin with hot. Then I give hot water to my wife too. After some time I exercise. Exercise gives us a new thought. And try to teach others. It is raining lightly last evening. But the dust has also increased.


The family has given me work in the morning. He has said that he has to go to the nursery in the morning. Some plants have to be bought from there. It's about 8 o'clock I reach the garden. And it is green all around. Then the sun is rising above the pedo. This scene looks very beautiful. Then I am buying a rose and some small plants. All the plants cost 20 rupees. For a long time I like plants.

It's 9 o'clock Then I come home. First of all I am preparing for bath. Because I have to go to office quickly. I have my breakfast. And leave for office.


It's 10 o'clock I reach office. First of all, I do the cleaning. Due to night rains, there is dirt everywhere. There is dust everywhere. It is important to clean everything.

It's 12 o'clock Students have started coming. This student has not been coming for many days. That is why I have told that the government has closed all the computer centers. That's why I am studying today. I am studying this student tomorrow. Now it is coming after 15 days. It has been getting sick for a long time. So I have missed for a few days


It's 3 o'clock Then I am in the market. Some clothes to buy for home from here. Ladies suit has to be taken. But their value is very high. It is Rs 900. So I kept saying 600 rupees. But I will get some percentage discount. There are many more shops right now. Then I go to another shop. Buying some other item from there. After some time I come to office.

It is evening, I am closing your office. Then you have to buy goods from the market. So I close the office quickly. First of all, I go to the vegetable shop. Loki is buying from there. Loki is priced at Rs 20 a kg. I go to the shop ahead. Day clothes arise there. The dust is blowing again. The weather is getting increasingly worse.


Then I come home, around 8 o'clock. First I wash my hands. The corona has been increasing since a few days. Therefore, you should always take care of yourself. I go to the room and sit there and eat my food. Moong dal is made in food.

After some time I open my laptop. Starts working on the laptop. I bought coins a few days ago. But now their value is increasing rapidly. I bought 10 coins. Their value was 5 rupees. Now it is 25 rupees. You can also buy coins.

Then I go to the kitchen. I am hungry. So I take grapes from there. Then I sit and eat grapes. The grape is very sweet. It's 10 o'clock Then I am preparing to sleep. First of all I put my bed. Then I turn off all the lights.

Diary Game: - Season-3, Everyday we are getting to learn something new, invite you to check out the latest @steemitblog on my post. @steemcurator01, great representative. Meets from the beginning of the day and to the night program. In which life comes a new enthusiasm.

I followed the rules and instructions of The Diary Game Season 3.

This post is 100% power up.

Thanks for reading.

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