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Hello dear friends, I am again moving forward with renewed vigor. Steemit has given me a new thought. Stay at your home and stay safe, you will like my blog. I am starting #thediarygame again. Talk about my activities

It is nice to get up early in the morning. I get up at about 5:05 minutes. Was sitting in his bed. I pray to God for everyone. I trust my god. I go out of the room. I do hot water for myself there. I use cumin with hot water. After some time I start doing my exercises. The wife also comes up. He also starts exercising. This is a very happy moment.

I am working on my bicycle.

First of all I go to get milk. I bring two kilos of milk from there. I come home with milk. First of all, we heat the milk. After hot milk, I make tea at home.

It's 9 o'clock Then I take my bicycle. And doing the housework. I want to go to the grain mill. We have grinded flour there. So it may take time for us to get the flour. So I am going on my bicycle. It can take 10 to 15 minutes to get there.

I am taking flour from the mill.

After some time I reach the flour mill. There is a lot of crowd in the flour mill. So I can take time. It is almost 10 o'clock. Then I stand in line to get my flour. We have kept our distance. It is a necessity for everyone. Then my number comes. So my dough is 17 kg. So I have to pay only 17 rupees.

I have milk and paratha in my breakfast.

I come home. I ride a bicycle to my house. And keep the dough in the kitchen. Then I hear a voice. Let's have my breakfast. Then I go to the cook to have my breakfast. From there I bring milk and paratha for myself. I sit and have my breakfast. I like breakfast. He always makes it special.

Cleaning the house Because some lights are going bad. So they have to be cleaned and walk from the back. So I can take time to work.

I am buying vegetables.

It is noon. Then I have to bring vegetables for home. Because we have not got vegetables in the morning. The lockdown has increased again. So we have to stay at home. So I go to the village shop. It is almost 12 o'clock. Then I arrive at the shop. I am buying vegetables like lady finger and taro, tomato, lemon etc. from here. Some vegetables have higher rates. Some of the vegetables are less. So I get all the vegetables for 100 rupees. I take a lady finger of 20 rupees. I am buying an taro for 20 rupees. Takes 20 rupees tomatoes. Takes lemon of 10 rupees. Then I come home.


My son is having fun

It is 1 o'clock. Then I am preparing for bath. I go to the bathroom. I sit there and take a bath. Then I come out. I wear clothes quickly. The courier's phone calls. He has said that he has brought our products. So I leave the village quickly. And after buying the product, I come home.

It's 2 o'clock Then I am eating food. Then I fall asleep for some time. I am feeling very sleepy. I get up It's 7 o'clock Then my son is jumping on his bed. He is always devilish. The child is always lovely.


There is also okra and salad in the food.

I go to the kitchen. I bring food for myself. I am sitting and eating food in the room. There is okra and roti in the food. But I have also had a salad. There is onion in the salad. So the food looks delicious.Then I wash my hands well. Then I am eating food.

It's 9 o'clock Then I am doing my other work. But today I have sold some coins again. And buying some coin. I am happy to make my post. I get to learn something new. Everyday activities also remembers it.

Diary Game: - Season-3, Everyday we are getting to learn something new, invite you to check out the latest @steemitblog on my post. @steemcurator01, great representative. Meets from the beginning of the day and to the night program. In which life comes a new enthusiasm.

I followed the rules and instructions of The Diary Game Season 3.

This post is 100% power up.

Thanks for reading.

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