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Hello dear friends, I am again moving forward with renewed vigor. Steemit has given me a new thought. Stay at your home and stay safe, you will like my blog. I am starting #thediarygame again. Talk about my activities

It is nice to get up. But I am up at about 6:15 minutes. I go out of the room. I do hot water for myself. I use cumin with hot water. I start exercising. But today the wife is already exercising. I am quite late. Then we started exercising together.

From here I bring milk for myself.

It's late Then I go to get milk. It is almost 9 o'clock. We get milk here. I make a sound. Because I arrived late. Therefore, we have kept our milk in the fridge. I come home with milk from there. But today we have got some milk. But the rest of the milk will be received in the evening. First of all, we heat the milk. Then I make tea for everyone. I give tea to two members at home.

The airplane is flying in the sky.

Then we were working at home. The lockdown has started for several days. We have been 6 days today. We are all at home. Children are making noise. So I have seen that the sky is very beautiful. Children are also having fun. But then the sky saw the Airplane fly. All Airplane are watching. That's why I started watching the Airplane too. We have seen the Airplane after a long time. We sometimes see a Airplane fly over here. So everyone celebrates together.

There is also Arvi and Roti in the lunch.

It is noon. Then I am preparing for bath. First of all I do toothpaste. Then I go to the bathroom. Sitting there and taking a good bath. Then I come out. Wears clothes

It is 1 o'clock. Then I sit in my room watching TV. Then the wife comes to me. And she says. That I bring food. After some time she brings food. Then I wash my hands well. Then I sit and start eating. There is arvi and roti in the food. Along with yogurt and salad. Onion is very good. It was made in some new recipe. I always like homemade food.

Preparations are being made to make Kheer.

It's 3 o'clock Then some new ones are being built at home. So I also reach the kitchen. Today we are also at home. So I have also learned some household chores. It is making kheer at home. But I know this much. That this milk is heating up. But what are others making? I do not know about it yet.


Sister-in-law does housework.

It is evening now. Then I am working downstairs, my sister-in-law is grassing the cow. She always does all the household work. We have 3 cows and 2 heifer. Sister-in-law does all these animals. That's why I also help sister-in-law. But there I refuse. Because she wants someone to don't my work. So she always does her work. I have never seen him taking any help

Kheer makes very tasty.

It's 7 o'clock Then I am watching TV at home. Mother is also watching TV. But the children are having fun. He always plays. I also sit near my mother.

It's 8 o'clock Then I go to the kitchen. I bring kheer from there. It looks very tasty. But you will find out after eating. That the kheer is good. Sharing with you.

It's 9 o'clock Then I start my laptop. Then I am making my post. The value of steem is increasing. This is a very happy moment. 1 dollar has been reached. Then I am putting a bed for myself. I go to the kitchen. He heats milk for himself. I fall asleep after some time

Diary Game: - Season-3, Everyday we are getting to learn something new, invite you to check out the latest @steemitblog on my post. @steemcurator01, great representative. Meets from the beginning of the day and to the night program. In which life comes a new enthusiasm.

I followed the rules and instructions of The Diary Game Season 3.

This post is 100% power up.

Thanks for reading.

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