Cure Phobia

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Phobia is something that really becomes a nuisance and this annoyance must be overcome. When he's been bothering, something for a good cause. Muslims should not have phobias that interfere with goodness. Because one should not be hindered in goodness because of something wrong about wrong feelings.

For example, a phobia of dolls, a phobia of mirrors.


In Islam, it is precisely to look in the mirror, in the sense of dressing up neatly. What if that person doesn't want to look in the mirror? The Prophet himself taught that you should dress up neatly, handsomely. Islam is very beautiful loves beauty.


If people don't look in the mirror at all, imagine how difficult it would be. So, the phobia is overcome if it bothers you. Make our phobia of hell, make our phobia of immorality. It's much more positive, and it can be treated with negative phobias by means of hypnotherapy, you can also use religious therapy, you can even use drugs. Because it is medically handed down so that metabolism and blood pressure to the brain can be made in such a way, certain drugs are given.

And the most important thing is that if it is going to happen later, or certain traumas happen, sometimes it can happen and make us afraid, we better tell it so that it can be conveyed, it doesn't lead to a more serious disturbance. Even better, it is also supported by the environment and society.

Because if that person wants to heal something that ends well, then everyone must support it for that good step earlier.

And also most importantly, pray to Allah, ask Allah for protection, because God willing, if we fear Allah. Allah will not make us difficult and will not make us sad. Then hopefully the good will look good, so that we have the strength to do it.

Hope it is useful. Thanks for reading, best regards always.

By @midiagam


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