The atmosphere of the view of the face of the sky in the morning

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Hi, good morning.

Today I want to try to show some pictures of the sky in the morning. Around 7.13 am, I woke up from sleep, and went out to enjoy the cool and sunny morning.


As usual, today the weather in my city is sunny and the sky is also so beautiful with the appearance of white clouds against a blue sky background, making my morning feel even more complete.


The wind blows lightly against the palm leaves, and also my body. The sound of birds chirping broke the silence this morning. I really like the beautiful morning view like this. Apart from writing, I also like to photograph nature's faces, even though I rely on an ordinary camera. Every time I find a unique and interesting object, I always save it to my cellphone gallery, like this one picture.


If in the afternoon I like to hunt sunsets, then in the morning I often aim for the face of a clear sky.


Indeed, when the weather is sunny, the scenery above will be very beautiful. The sky and clouds look very clean, and beautiful to look at. For me, this is a gift from God that I should be grateful for. The harmony of nature creates comfort and enthusiasm for me.


Actually there are so many pictures that I took this morning, but I'm only showing a few that I think are good and worth sharing. Even without using camera equipment such as lenses, macros, and so on. But with a little trick, I can get good photos.

Best regards always.

By @midiagam


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Nice to see your post. Thank you for such a beautiful post. I want to see more beautiful posts like this.