The Beauty of the Sky at Night

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The view of the sky this afternoon is truly amazing, very different from yesterday's scenery. Even though I took this moment in the same place, it's just that the view in the sky is different. Like the picture I will show below, this is the first picture I will show.


What you're looking at is smoke from a plane that just passed through space. The picture immediately caught my attention to capture it on my cellphone.


The clear and blue sky combined with the white smoke of the plane, further adds to the beautiful feel of the panorama of the sky this afternoon. I love scenes like this, so I always take pictures before they're out of sight.


Moments later, the smoke from the plane was no longer visible, perhaps because it had been swept away by the wind.

However, I was really lucky to be able to take a picture of it for me to look at later. And some I share with friends in our proud community.

Best regards always.

By @midiagam

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The sky is beautiful. But I was expecting something dark, stars or moon when I saw the title "Beauty of the sky at night."

The Google translation has a problem, and it spoils the writing.

Yes. Sometimes it's hard to find proper translation using google translator.