Ghostrunner - gameplay (PC HD) free demo

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Presented for the first time during the last Gamescom 2019, Ghostrunner went on to become one of the games that I had the most desire among all those little news that would arrive in 2020.

Now, with a demo already available on Steam, Ghostrunner has proven to be that curious gem that was already pointing out ways with her mix of parkour from Mirror's Edge and puzzles turned into bloody murders from Hotline Miami.


At our disposal, running, jumping, sliding to gain speed, a hook with which to grab onto structures and the inevitable wallrun of this type of mobility. For dessert, an acceleration that can also be used to slow down time and perform a short strafe.

Controlling itself like a charm, the only possible downside to the Ghostrunner demo is not adding anything special to a mix that we have already seen in many games. A complaint that crumbles like a sand castle if we consider that it barely shows an initial portion of the game as a tutorial. The show will arrive-or not-when landing on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.


When you get to combat, a single option, attack with your sword to stop projectiles or dismember enemies while you use everything previously related to get from here to there.

Perhaps the lack of combat options is its weakest link for now, something that I would not worry too much about considering that its latest trailer already shows some more details such as the possibility of returning projectiles with the sword.



What I think of the game after playing

The game proposes us to travel (and climb) a futuristic tower-shaped city that serves as the last refuge of humanity. We can cut our enemies in any direction and take advantage of bullet time to kill them and make our way as quickly as possible. Running through walls, transporting ourselves to "cyberspace" and discovering more and more secrets of this "tower-city", which has certain metroidvania characteristics, will be common things in Ghostrunner. Time will always go against us and the further we advance in the adventure, the more enemies will chase us to hunt us down, making it dangerous to stop due to the risk of being hit, dying and losing everything.

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