The King of Dragons - gameplay (PC HD)

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King of Dragons centers its story on an evil dragon named Gildiss who gets very bored in his cave (bad online connection, he doesn't catch the DTT channels, he doesn't have friends, I don't know) and is dedicated to touching the nose of the kingdom in turn . Well, nothing, our heroes will have to go through the 16 levels of the game charging every henchman and ally of the evil reptile they find and thus save their beloved country. As you can see, it is not that it is endowed with great depth, but gamers boys and girls, these games are not characterized by an excellent script. The thing is to see if its playability makes up for it. And it does.


Now we come to the point where we insert the cartridge and see if the apparently simple bet is attractive or not. After a brief initial screen we can choose a hero. We have five different possibilities: a warrior, a wizard, an elf, a priest, and a dwarf. Each of them have slightly different abilities, which is, in my opinion, a success especially when you play it with a friend. For example, the dwarf is pure brute force. It hits a lot up close but its range is very limited. An elf, on the other hand, is capable of hitting enemies further away, but is very weak in melee. Matter of taste and of coordinating with your partner. If one takes a warrior and the other a priest, then the combination can work well. If instead you choose to choose a dwarf and a warrior, you are going to suffer a bit with the bugs that use magic.

In the case of a single player, you will have to choose against whom you have excess and against whom you have to be careful. The number of enemies, yes, is less if you play alone than accompanied.

Even so, despite having more bichería, the cooperative mode is much more fun than spending it alone. It is not excessively long (you can finish it in 1 hour) but it is very fun and with someone you have someone to discuss with you if you have a handicap or to celebrate victories when they happen.


The gameplay invites you to do so. Apparently it is using a lot of hands and little strategy. It's what our British friends call the old-fashioned "Hack and Slash". Translated into the common language of all ham and omelette lovers, among whom I find myself, it is a hit with everything that comes out in front of you using axes, arrows, magic and any sharp or blunt object that you can use to clean up. Under this premise you can imagine at this point that it is not very difficult to play. Basically we control the character with the direction arrows, a jump button to dodge bursts of things that come on the ground and one to distribute wax to the enemy. We will also have a special attack that we can perform with each of our heroes that is stronger than normal but that will cost us a little life each time we do it.

At each level that we advance, we will find improvement objects for it, although the latter is in my opinion, something testimonial since it goes according to the greater damage that the enemies will do us. We will also have potions, coins and even some extra life. We will very much need the latter. It's not that the game is extraordinarily difficult, which it isn't. But neither is it a little walk pounding buttons. Do it, yes, but with a little "head" because reaching the end requires being a bit dexterous and it is not advisable to waste the few lives that we have.


So far all my positive impressions on the title. It has aged quite well, enough that we want to play it at this point, but it is not perfect and it has some details that make it not one of those essential and unforgettable as it is, perhaps, the Golden Ax from Sega.

The weakest point of the title is no longer in the repetitive game mechanics (the style is what it is) but in the enemies. Bosses, sub-bosses and henchmen are everywhere. The problem is that the bosses sometimes only differ little more than in color, the design being practically the same for some of them. Examples we have, for example, in the green dragon of the second phase of the game with the blue dragon of the third to last.


In that same one we have some bearded orcs (who remind me a lot of me) that are the same as the boss of the sixth phase. It is a little worked aspect and another of the details that keep it from excellence. Of course, graphically they look very good, like the scenarios, the latter supported by a good sound section.



What I think of the game after playing

Technically it is spectacular. It still looks pretty today and the size of the enemies is impressive. It is the prelude to games like the fabulous Dungeon & Dragons of CPS2. Varied and colorful stages accompanied by music by the always successful Yoko Shimomura.

But the truth is that 50% that I like it so much is due to that difficulty so well adjusted, more than unusual in arcade games where passing the second phase is usually more than a challenge. Everything else as I say works, but that is what enriches one the most as a player.

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