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Hello Splinterland warriors!

Hope you guys will be fine and blessed its me again here to participate in this week battle challenge so here is my participation in the weekly battle challenge hosted by the Splinterlands team thanks for the great support and arranging these challenges for us on weekly basis so most of the users are participating.


Rarity: EPIC
Element: LIFE
ABILITIES: Protect at level 3

Seriously i was not aware of this week battle challenge monster that it was Defender of Truth but i was checking the market prices of different cards i saw this monster someone placed it for sale in the market at $4 price level 3 card. So when i saw it in the market i suddenly bought this because i was checking it for a long time then when i will buy this when someone placed it cheaply so i was lucky to got this and owned this one. Later after two days i checked the splinterlands blog and saw this card they choose for the weekly battle challenge and here i am going for this card.




As always here in the battle line i will explain each card one by one that i used in the specfic position to work with the ruleset and describe your own strategy for the specfici cards and its position.


Again here i am choosing the daria dragonscale summoner as it was a high mana battle with the ruleset of armor and melee mayhem so choosing daria will not be bad choice in the melee mayhem and sneak ability ruleset right? because of its one extra melee attack to all friendly monsters same like the fire beta summoner.


In the first position, i used the SILVERSHIELD PALADIN which is a rare life monster with enough armor and shield ability that it will not take much damage from the enemy monsters because of its shield ability so placing this monster in the first position in the melee mayhem ruleset is a good choice because your back line monsters will be safe for a little time.

In the second position, i used the LUMINOUS EAGLE which is also a rare life monster with its reach ability that would be used in the 2nd position on its friendly team to target the first enemy monsters. Also, this is a great monster with enough melee attack and 6 mana cap so not a bad card to use it in your battle field agains your enemy.

Well, in the 3rd position here i used a legendary dragon monster THE VIGILATOR that i am using mostly even in the last week battle challenge. Better to choose this one for the melee mayhem ruleset because it will help you to hit the enemy monster twice along with its range attack and also if an enemy monster has the retaliate ability it will also damage back to that monster with its thorn ability.

Here is another great monster with double strike the great SILVERSHIELD ASSASSIN that belongs to the life famil. I always choosing this card when i select the life splinter for normal battle because this monster can apply the poison effect and will the monster twice with its enough and powerful melee attack and a great choice to use in the melee mayhem ruleset but it will still target the last enemy monster.

In the 2nd last position here is the main monster of this week battle challenge DEFENDER OF TRUTH that i bought in this week not for the battle challenge but for my collection to get the armor ability from this card that i will use especially in the earthquake ruleset. However, this monster is helpful to give you two armors to all of your friendly monsters as well as it will attack on the enemy monsters with its magic and costing only 4 mana which is better than the untamed edition monster that gives only two armor with no attack.

In the last position, i went for the legendary dragon monster the robo dragon knight with its powerful melee attack and high armor so it will get two armor frm the ruleset and will two from the defender of the truth monsters so if there is not magic monster beating this robo dragon knigh will be difficult for the enemy team.

Did your strategy work?

No doubt when there is a ruleset in your favor and also you are choosnig the monster that also gives you some protection with its armor so why your strategy will not work?


All images are from the Splinterlands website

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special mentions @booming01 @booming02 @booming03 and @steemcurator01 @steemcurator02 for the great support

Thanks For visiting my Blog

Best Regards @moeenali

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