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Hello, Splinterland warriors!

How are you all i hope you will be fine and blessed and will be enjoying the new year start may this new year bring more happiness in your life today i am here to post my Splinterlands related content in a new community i hope you will like it.


Many of the creatures of Mortis are terrifying and mysterious, even to the Dark Eternals themselves. When the Dark Tzar convinced him so many years ago to tamper with the rules of death, the Lord of Darkness never knew the true scope of the multitude of terrorsRead more

Phantasm is one of my favorite card that i am using mostly with the dragon splinter to get all of his abilities like the return fire at level 5 that gives me more winning chances when my opponent used the range attack monster so this monster can easily return the damage back to that monster in the form of return fire ability. Also this is a flying monster with lots of missing attack from the enemy monster and can easily be used in the first position with enough lives and melee attack.



Well, i already have the phantasm at level 5 and few cards remaining for the next level up so where i will get one extra life at level 6. By the way the circulation of this card in Gold foil is almost 2099 because it is a common monster so the print rate may be high but still this one is good that i can easily trade with $0.51 in the market but i will not i will be holding to reach at least the next league of diamond 1 to unlock minimum of 60 loot chest currently my collection power is round about 366000 so the next stage where i can unlock the dimond 1 league will be 425000 soon i will be there. The abilities of this monster is really nice like flying, return fire and retaliate so i can easily use this monster at level 7 with two abilities the one is flying and the other one is return fire.



In the last season i just touched the diamond 2 league and then back to the diamond 3 so that is the reason that tire reset league was Gold 3 when the new season started so today i reached gold 2 and soon will unlock more league to get higher rewards for the quest and also if stop playing then i will get only 26 loot chest for the season end rewards but i will try to reach there soon and unlock more rewards for the upcoming loot chest.



Here is today quest rewards it was a quest with the earth splinter and i completed it easily with losing few battles from high players but still the quest was easy because the earth is my favorite splinter so i can easily beat some high level players with the earth splinter so here is the rewards of today in which i got one Gold foil common card the phantasm along with two regular common the one is sand worm and the other one is vulture of the eath splinter. Also, i got few dec tokens in two loot chest and two potion charges of Alechemy.

All images are from the Splinterlands website

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