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There are just a few weeks until the worldwide launch of PS5, Sony's next-generation console. That is why the company has recently revealed information about the console, including a look inside and the presentation of its interface and menus. However, this new information has confirmed a detail that was leaking weeks ago, such as the storage space available on the PS5 SSD.


It was a leak that came to me weeks ago that showed the interior of the PS5, its interface and the available space on its SSD: 625 GB. Although it was taken with skepticism at first, Sony's official video disassembling the console and the recent reveal of the interface and menus have made it more than clear that the initial leak was completely true. In this way, although Sony has not made it official, we can practically take it as confirmed that the PS5 SSD will have 625 GB of space available to store video games.

This makes sense since we know that the Xbox Series X operating system is around 200GB. If the PS5 occupies more or less the same (something that is quite reasonable) and we know that the SSD of the Sony console is 825 GB, the remainder makes us find precisely the figure highlighted by the leak: 625 GB remaining for the storage of our content on PS5.


filtration DualSense black colored


Features of the PS5 DualSense
  • Haptic feedback: this feature manages to provide the player with very immersive sensations that will depend on what is happening in the game that is being enjoyed (such as, for example, feeling the slowness of a car when driving through the mud).
  • Adaptive triggers: the L2 and R2 buttons will no longer be the buttons we used to know. DualSense will incorporate a system in those two buttons that will make them harden / tighten depending on the action we do in the game, such as, for example, when tightening the string of a bow before shooting.
  • Rechargeable battery: as mentioned in the PlayStation blog, they have made an effort to get a much stronger and more durable battery for the DualSense as well as lighter.
  • The 'Create' button: the 'Share' button that was incorporated in the DualShock 4 disappears in DualSense, and in its place we can see another similar button under the name of 'Create'. At the moment, they have not released many details about this feature, mentioning only that "players will create epic game content to share."
  • Microphone: Indeed, DualSense will incorporate a microphone to be able to chat by voice quickly with our friends without having to connect a headset with an external microphone. However, as we can see in the images, it has a button to deactivate this feature whenever we want.
  • The light bar: another of the main novelties that the DualShock 4 brought was that light will be found on the sides of the TouchPad.
  • USB-C: The controller abandons the old USB-A to go to the new connection standards.

DualSense in black color that, for now, has not yet been officially presented to the world. It may simply be a prototype or a controller distributed only with some development kits or early versions of the console, but after the latest announcements from Sony regarding the PS5, there are few doubts about the veracity of the leak.


Be that as it may, there is less than a month until PS5 lands on the market on November 19. I will be attentive to bring any news that arises in this regard.

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