PS5 will be the Nike of esports?

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PS5 will go on sale in select regions on November 12, 2020. Regardless of where, however, all indications are that Sony's console will have a fairly positive sales start. In fact, a Japanese market analysis hopes that this momentum is not just a matter of the first few months, but that in a period of 6 years it can make real history..



On the way to mark an era in video games?

So, it was thanks to the journalist Takashi Mochizuki, from Bloomberg, that I was able to know a projection that points to between 200 and 300 million PS5 sold in about 5 or 6 years:


On the other hand, the article discusses various aspects, such as that PS5 could become the maximum reference of a new era of esports. Specifically, a comparison is made between Sony's new console and the NBA, pointing out that if fans of the best basketball league in the world look to Nike for their sports team, those of esports would do the same with PS5 to enjoy the sport electronic at its finest.

In this sense, it is indicated in the same way that today esports have an advantage over traditional physical sports, since these do not really require a physical place to be enjoyed as such - while in NBA, football, NFL or any other alternative, it is necessary to go to a stadium-. In this way, esports fans can enjoy their games without the need to put themselves in danger under a threat such as the coronavirus.

In fact, such is the confidence in Sony's console that the following is stated:

PS5 is on its way to a completely different dimension; different from Switch, Xbox or even PS4. PS5 could be a relentless force in the video game industry, putting an end to the eternal console war.

Despite the forcefulness of this pronouncement from Sony, we will have to wait to see how the public responds to PS5 in the long term. While it is true that the Japanese company has just launched the fourth best-selling console in history on PS4, the figures discussed in the article would be vastly higher than those of PS2, registered as the best-selling console in history with slightly more than 155 million units. In any case, what seems obvious is that Sony continues to be in a privileged position in the video game sector.

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