Xbox Series X already presents some doubts

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The next generation of consoles will hit stores in just over a month and questions still remain about the performance they will deliver. On this particular occasion, the issue that has arisen is related to the heat that the future Xbox Series X will release due to the fear that it may be very high to the point of getting too hot.

Also, despite the fact that some journalists with access to Xbox Series X have already denied rumors that recently pointed to the console being overheated, from Xbox they have deemed it necessary to make a comment on their own. Here's what Aaron Greenberg, chief marketing officer at Xbox, had to say:

"The console will output system heat out of the exhaust, just as any other console will. Our engineering team confirmed the heat leaving the console is not significantly different than Xbox One X. This matches my experience at home quiet, fast & impressive power for the size."



Likewise, he has commented that it will behave like any other platform when expelling heat, although in his own experience he says that it has turned out to be silent, fast and with an impressive power for the size it has. Therefore, users who were concerned about this issue should rest assured that the console will not sound like it's going to fly off.

In any case, the truth is that we only have a month ahead of us until Xbox Series X officially goes on sale, and that is when players will be able to check on their own whether the new line of consoles maintains the appropriate temperature or not.

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