The soldier of 23rd August. A huge monument paying homage to those who protected ...

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... their mother land. An amazing commemoration to the bravest of the nation.

23rd of August.
23 Serpnia.
23й августа
23й серпния

The place is named after the monumental day. A day standing demented in the history of Kharkov, Ukraine.

This is one of my favorite sports. The contrast of the eerie memories of the place, the valor of the monument, the children playing around it, the never lasting sky the soldier looks at.

A very harmonious cohesiveness flows through here.

The best time to be around is when the sun rises. The soldier lights up and the blue and yellow fpag matches the sky as it waves high in the air.

It's an inspirational experience.

I was lucky to capture this. The soldier looks so muggy and powerful, almost artistic. The sky matching the flag and the golden light shining on the chest made a very interesting capture. To many, it could be also much deeper than that, with the everlasting sky above.


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