Win 5 @appics tokens - 10/5/2020. All you have to do is guess my favourite crisps! ...

in hive-142013 •  3 months ago  (edited)

... Add your guess as a comment below. Winner announced tomorrow and if there's no winner, the prize rolls over. Stay safe and sane at home :-)


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Salt n Lineker

Lol, does Gary have his own crisps taste?

He advertised for Walkers (Lays) on TV in the UK for years but I don't think he ever got his own flavour :)

hahaha if I'd ha' bin darn t'Asda you'd have been bang on the it is, Plain for me here!

Plain Jane - You'd never see a bag of those at mine!

Sometimes, the heat gets me a bit crazy and drizzle over some of 4 quid a bottle Sarsons finest just to try and evoke the tastes of home. All that actually happens is my crisps get soggy.

The plain natural ones!!

Spot on! In Thailand, I really don't like the flavours as they are so different to the UK so I just eat plain. I might have doubled the prize if you'd have said crinkle-cut plain as opposed to the regular crisps but congrats and thanks for joining in :-)


Yes😄Thank you

Yeah! Sour cream 😛😋

Sour Cream? Behave yourself. They are gross. Even that strange blue coloured packet puts me off. Just fake cheese and onion in my opinion lol
Thanks for joining though and I hope you're keeping safe and well :-)

Haha.. okay! I like sour cream though.. everyone has their own choices...

Sour cream and vinegar