Win 5 @appics tokens - 11/5/2020. All you have to do is guess my wife's favourite ...

in hive-142013 •  3 months ago 

... dried fishy, squidy snack! Seriously, you don't expect me to eat this rubbery rubbish? If you can't read the labels, describe the location and colour in comments!
Big congrats to @mauriciovite who won yesterday. He posts videos of alcohol whilst I post snaps of dried fish....I'm not doing this right, am I? ;-)


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My favorite from this picture is the seaweed snacks, with the logo of the guy with a red hat and robe 😁

LOL.. Congratulations, you kinda win by default but, you're right about the seaweed 'Big Sheet'...try saying that with a Spanish accent!!
Sad no one else entered today, I think there is some sort of embarrassment factor when it comes to small fun competitions but I do think it can help engagement which is what it should be all about!

Don't spend your prize all at once ;-) and thanks for taking the time to comment!

Best wishes. Stay safe and stay sane :-)

Hahaha thank you! Don’t worry about the engagement, dong these kinds of challenges is really fun! Please keep it up! And by the way, do you know that they also have these seaweed strips tempura-fried with sesame? 😋 those are my favorite! 😁 Stay safe as well!