New normal fast food dining! One to a table and no exceptions, despite the fact I'd ...

in hive-142013 •  2 months ago 

... come on the bike with the wife , we live in the same house, sleep in the same bed but it seems we can't have a burger together!


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That doesn't make any sense considering you live in the same household. Can people just buy their food then sit on a bench together farther away from the store?

They could and they do lol....but this is Thailand ! All restaurants have this silly rule applied but aome have divided a two seater table by uaong a plastic screen!

Just wondering, you planning to stay here?

Good morning :-) Planning to stay where?

On this side of the world? Don't see you posting much on the other side

And good morning from this side of the world 😊 (I do really mean this physical side of the world here)