SMILEY APPICS CHALLENGE WEEK 19&20 - AUTUMN MASK Wearing a mask is the safest way ...

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... to avoid contact with the coronavirus19. It is tested from many testimonies that they were not affected while being exposed with a positive person and I could testify it myself.

My lady boss was infected after attending the wedding of her nephew. All of his 3 sisters were infected and the husband of her sister was died due to covid19.

My lady boss was on her hard time facing it but when I applied the lemon and salt steaming procedure, she survived.

We all wore mask at home, we wore gloves and did the steaming of lemon.

The lemon juice with honey also had a great part of the survival.

Wear mask all the time from now in and onward. Don't stop using it.

Keep safe. possible, one day the world would be free.

Thank you @smileyappics!

Its me,


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May nanalo na hehehe nice one!

Ay naku! Basta support lang tayo dong.

Support for the #smileyappics , win it or not, it's gonna fine

Nice kaayo ate..maayo man diay ka mag video editing. Good luck sa challenge ate.

Salamuch dong.. Anad ko ani sauna pa, unang video editor naku ni na walay nagtoon. Ugtas ko pag ayo unsaon.

Yeah safe gyud as in kahit lisod e ginhawa ahehehe

Tested jud naku ba

goodluck for the challenge ❤

Thank you madam

Love this.. haha.. even spidey needs a mask now!!

Thank you for dropping by. Spider is so sensitive too, haha!

Haha cool entry, you are ready for Halloween and the Fall!😂😂😂🎃

Wahahaha, Karen you always madey day. 2 months more to go, it's Halloween.
Have a good morning.

Lol, here in Canada Halloween 🎃 is on October 31👍

There is no Halloween in Saudi dear, Karen. Yea, It falls in Nov 1&2 in Philippines.

Still you have a cool Halloween mask, which was the point I was trying to make lol🤙🥰✌️🤣😂

Yah, I was hiding yesterday at the rooftop😜😜😜

Sorry for the delay we were so busy this week... Good Luck in the Challenge 👍😷🍁

No worries, Thank you for visiting my post.