Beauty of Nature: The Sea Views and Sunset

in hive-144064 •  7 months ago  (edited)

I was really delighted to find this moment on the beach. A moment that I could sense the beauty of nature laid before me. That's one of the reason why I love to go back to same spot to catch the sunset or landscape, as I believe the views would be always different. Because of having not much time to travel to the far place for the sunset or landscape shots, I'd rather pick a local beach to witness one of the magnificent beauties of nature. These views keep staying under the beauty of creativity that fully dedicate to us, to imagine the perfection of the creation. I always thought to myself, nature always give us but the best.





CameraNikon D7000
CategoryLandscapes Photography
LensNikon Kit Lens 18-55
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Nature is always satisfying. Really love the shot. Real nice