Black Bee on the Iron Door

in hive-144064 •  7 days ago 

Hi All Beauty of Creativity Lovers! We all do understand about the beauty, and it can be inside or outside. All we need to is to find them and doing some little touches to make them look good in the eyes. Anything is possible to be beautified as long we have intention to work on that. Which is why, I believe, this community come to cover our creativity in any way we like. When we do find a subject, our mind come to make them more convincing after being processed by creative mind. This time I find the black bee on the iron door that appears to be more like ground. This bee was moving quite a lot during the daylight but I kept trying to take shots as thought it was good insects to be shot.






CameraSmartphone Xiaomi Poco X3 NFC
CategoryInsect Photography
LensLensbong Macro/Modified Macro lens
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