Eristalinus aeneus (Eyed Spotted Hoverfly)

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Another type of hoverfly is eristalinus aeneus (Eyed Spotted hoverfly) which mostly inhabit the freshwater, and irrigation ditches, a place where I found it a little while ago. Actually, it is also occasionally spotted inland. The most noticeable part of this insect is its eyes with obvious red spots. This species is known as a fast flier and mostly seen flying low over the ground and feeds on yellow composites and white umbellifers. Eristalinus aeneus shares the same member with other types of hoverflies, that is Syrphidae, in subfamily Eristalinae.

n males the eyes meet on the frons. In females, the eyes are bare on the lower half. The hind tibiae have a black ring after middle, and all tarsi with segments 2-4 darkened. The male genitalia are figured by Pérez-Bañón et al (2003). source





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So beautiful and perfect photography, thanks for sharing.

Great shots.