Landscape Photography: Sundown and Seascapes From Local Beach

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It's been quite a while I don't go to the beach to witness sunset as I used to do in spare time. Now I missed it a lot which urged me to dig my old file. I finally got some pictures of sunset that I took long ago when I once visited the local beach to hunt sunsets. Indeed, we all love the last remaining light of nature that appears in the horizon, it exists to please the eyes with its colors and forms. Although, this local beach is not a perfect spot to watch sunset at least the light of sundown could become one of interesting subject to be shot.






CameraNikon D7000
CategoryLandscapes Photography
LensNikon Kit Lens 18-55
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Laot selalu indah...👍

Betul bang, laut tempat keindahan bersemanyam. Terima kasih

Wow, pictures of beautiful sunset landscape. Nice Shot