Tiny Grass Blue~~Zizula hylax

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It is known as tiny grass blue, (Zizula hylax), the second smallest butterfly seen resting on the grass. I tried to capture it using a smartphone and an external macro device to get a bigger look of this cute butterfly. I had to manage to get the eyes view by keeping the focus perpendicular to the surface of the wings. This tiny species of butterfly can be found in several places throughout tropical and subtropical countries, Indonesia is one of its best homes to live in. Tiny grass blue stays under the family of Lycaenidae, in the order Lepidoptera.

The tiny grass blue is found in several races throughout tropical and subtropical Africa, Asia, and Oceania, including India,Japan, the Philippines, Singapore, Swaziland, north and east coasts of Australia and also in southern Australia.source






CameraSmartphone Xiaomi
CategoryInsect Photography
LensLensbong Macro/Modified Macro lens
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beautiful picture