Beauty of Nature PHOTOGRAPHY of hills

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Hello everyone...

I found more pictures in my phone gallery of manali which is a hill station. I took these pictures when i went there for a family vacation. I admire going to hills and driving as it makes me feel very calm and peaceful. During those times there was no covid and life was so easy but now the situation is becoming worse and worse as there is shortage of beds, icu, oxygen cylinders etc in every hospital. Many people are dying due to this deadly virus. I hope everyone is healthy and taking all the precautions to save themselves and their family from this virus.

" It's easier to go down a hill than up it but the view is much better at the top. "
by Henry Ward Beecher







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This looks same like my kashmir

Very beautiful hilly scenery


They are very nice and beautiful

The natural beauty is very beautiful friend


The scenery in your picture is very good, I am interested to see it.
We are doing well here, and we will also take care of our health here.
You also have to take care of yourself in this state.
Obey all the rules that have been applied, and stay away from the crowd.
I hope the situation there will be safe again from the virus, and return to the way it used to be, living in peace, calm and comfort.

Wow que paisajes más Hermoso 😍

What a stunning view friends Thank you for sharing such a beautiful post with us @dine77