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Hi friends, today I want to try a post about beef mushrooms. Fungi are plant species that do not have chlorophyll. The way of life of fungi is by symbiotic mutualism, namely by absorbing food from other organisms such as other plants.



In this world there are many types of mushrooms, some are edible and some are poisonous. even now mushroom cultivation is increasingly rampant. one of the mushrooms that I post today is beef mushrooms.




called by the name beef mushroom because its shape is similar to pieces of raw beef. This fungus lives freely in the forest. This fungus grows on trees.

That's all for my review in this post, I hope friends like the posts and photos that I share here because the pictures I share are really pictures that I took using my smartphone camera. Thank you !!

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Thanks for share your beautiful photography.

you're welcome, hopefully tomorrow I can post even more beautiful, and can be accepted by me in this community.