My Daily On Macrophotography

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Hello steemian friends anywehre your all. Hopefully enjoying your day!

In my photography journey today, I found a unique insect animal, which makes it unique is its name TRUE BUG. This type of insect is a pest insect, the enemy of the farmers.

We often encounter this animal in the world, even though the desire to take pictures cannot be distracted, its beauty makes me immortalize it in the art of photography.
His true name makes me still very curious, what is the truth that this tiny animal is held with a true name. In my opinion, this is true in terms of damaging farmers' crops. It has the largest percentage of damaging perigines. Perhaps because of this destructive reputation this insect pest was given its true name.

Hope you guys enjoy my photography today. thank you for visiting and see you again in the next post!

All photos and write is original my work, photos taken using samsung smartphone + MacroLensBong.

Best Regard....!!!

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