Beauty Of Creativity : Asiatic rhinoceros beetle "coconut rhinoceros beetle or coconut palm rhinoceros beetle"

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Hello everyone #Beautyofcreativity lovers, see you again @setia.budi, in this post I will show photos of horn beetles or Rhinoceros beetle.

When I woke up in the morning I caught a beetle perched on the terrace of the house, I immediately took some photos of the beetle, This beetle is often found on palm plants, they really like sago, coconut or palm types.

We can find many facts from various sources on the internet about this beetle.




Even now beetles are very much kept, because they are very easy to find for sale in various markets, these animals have a size of 3.5 -4.5 cm and are uniquely shaped because they have horns.

Since I have to continue my work activities, I immediately released this beetle again, I have no intention of adopting it, are you interested in keeping this beetle? I thought it would be an interesting experience.
These are some angle photos that I managed to capture, I hope you like it.

IMG_20210908_070830 (1).jpg




📷 PictureSmartphone
Capture UsingPOCO X3 PRO + Macrolens
CategoryAnimal Photography
LocationPidie Jaya-Aceh
EditingPhotoshop Express

That's all for my post today, thank you for visiting my page, and greetings from me @setia.budi.


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This is look beautiful animal photography

Thank brother for your support

very satisfying catch

Terima kasih supportnya @najie.

Rhinoceros beetle caught by you and some good pictures you share with us.

Thanks brother @amjadsyarif for your support.

The first words were wow, you caught it very clearly, and it looks pleasing to the eye 😍

Thanks brother @sayalan, Your comments make me even more excited.

Wow, amazing

Thank you brother @iqbal-pasee.

Incredibly captured of rhino beetle. Keep up with good work!

Thanks you brother @abduhwab, who always lead us to be better.


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Thanks brother for your support