Macro Today : Aggressive little red insect

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Good afternoon everyone, see you again @setia.budi. On this occasion I will share some photos of small red insects.

This beautiful red insect is very very aggressive and flies here and there making it quite difficult to get an image in focus, when I found it on a plant my neighbor immediately glanced at it, with the striking color being of particular concern when he was in his habitat area looking for plant stems to survive.


IMG_20210719_084023 (1).jpg



I also tried to find the classification of this insect what type and what category of insect, but I can't find it, I don't even know the name of this insect, do you know the name of this insect..?

If you know you can reply to the answer, here are some photos I managed to take :





📷 PictureSmartphone
Capture UsingNubia M2 + Macrolens
CategoryAnimal Photography
LocationPidie Jaya-Aceh
EditingPhotoshop Express

Thank you all friends for visiting my #MacroToday page, look forward to the next post, best regards from me @setia.budi.


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