Change 🌚

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Dear Anindita, The broken road that you and I walked together has been repaired today. The grass that used to collect dew has turned into concrete. Yasir's uncle's small tea shop is now a big food hotel. A year ago, my favorite T-shirt was sold at Jahed Bhai's shop.The little girl from the house next door is in school today. Occasionally he would ask his mother for a bangle. The peddler really wants to buy tip leaves. Abir, who fell asleep sitting on the last bench of our class, works in a big company today.Jabed Bhai, who had spent hundreds of afternoons holding hands with his lover, today wanders like a madman in the alleys of the street with long hair and beard. Constable Sumon Kakar has also been promoted.

Your diary is full of nonsense today. Your watch is also broken! All the clock hands of the world are running properly. Shuklapaksha time is also going on. Nothing stops because of my broken watch. You don't stop!
There is so much change in front of my eyes, there is no regret at all. The only regret is your change. Your change is like a long mountain to me! Dark as the night of the new moon. My broken watch is also suffering from your change.The dumb diary is in trouble. Can't stand the cost of writing so much nonsense. And I'm lying on that broken road just like my closed watch.I'm in Yasir's uncle's small tea shop. Rose survives thinking that Crankit is a weed. Your change in the evolution of time will be the best photography in the history of the world.

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