Jibanananda is a solitary poet

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The poet said,

“I am a poet, that poet-
Harry raised his eyes to the sky
Picture of Jharapalak ”

He came to this world for a while. He did not want to look for the form of the earth by looking at the form of Bengal. The grass of Bengal, the wind of Bengal, the birds of Bengal, the branches of Bengal, the insects of Bengal, the wings of Bengal captured his mind. He was a poet of solitude. He painted beautiful nature in his poems. He is called by another name - the poet of whale killing.

Yes. It is about Jibanananda Das. The family title was Dasgupta. After being initiated into Brahmo Samaj, Gupta was cut off by the poet himself.

Extreme poverty and fatigue engulfed his body but could not touch his thinking. Jibanananda came to light the house of Satyananda Dasgupta in Barisal city. Mother Kusumakumari Das was a clown and also a natural poet. Mother used to call little Jibanananda 'Milu' with affection. That Milu will one day become such a big star of Bengali literature - that sign was understood by his mother in his childhood.

One morning Prahlad Gowala came to Satyananda Dasgupta's house to give milk. Standing in the yard of the house, he was stunned for a moment when he heard the boy reciting English poems by Milu. Came out of the mouth subconsciously,

"You read well, Grandpa."

The cowherd did not understand the meaning of that poem. The beauty of the recitation was enough for him.

Another day's events. It was raining then. The yard of Milud's house is full of green grass. Satyanandababu called a poor farmer named Fakir to clean the yard. Fakir continues to run the sickle on the green clear grass. Seeing that scene, the boy Jibanananda sighed. At that age, Jibanananda gave place to a few bunches of grass in the chamber of the mind. Fakir comforted him by saying,

"Don't worry Grandpa, after a while new, green, young grass will grow again."

Who listens to whom? Little Milu's suffering does not want to diminish.

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