01 discovery of science from the pages of history, which changed the world

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★Rail engine
John Blancinsop invented the first commercial steam locomotive. The time is 1812-13. George Stephenson and his son Robert Stephenson and company invented the next step, the advanced locomotive named Locomotion No. 1. This was the first time people transported. After the invention of the railway engine, today the bullet train has crossed the path of tomorrow.


  ★Electric generator

1831 The invention is the electric generator. The inventor of this electric generator was Michael Faraday. It was named Faraday Disk. Initially it was not very effective. But it soon improved with new discoveries.


★Newcoman's steam engine
In 1812, Thomas Newman invented the first steam engine. It was used to pump water out of coal mines. This made it very convenient for the miners to carry out the excavation work.

This engine was running on steam. Coal was used as fuel for it. The result was a lot of coal. For this reason it was not so suitable.


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