A night story

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After crossing the Bangabandhu Bridge, the bus stopped where it was supposed to. The engine rumbled a few times, but then seemed to give up. My mood changed in the seventh! If the night coach's engine breaks down, what else is there to say? I said to the supervisor, 'Brother, what happened?'

The supervisor shook his head in a manner that did not understand what he meant!It is half past two in the morning.

If I can't pull it now, it will be noon when I enter Dhaka. Office at nine o'clock in the morning ... with a three-day holiday, this day off will also die. HR must be held accountable. Various noises ... but meanwhile the engine is holding its breath.

I don't know whether to give a status on Facebook or not. Facebook is the place to tell us. Little anger, sadness, joy — all on Facebook. Some read, most do not. That said, we have no shortage of enthusiasm.

I have a cigarette in my pocket. I see no other way but to get down. I ask the driver, 'How long will it take to recover?'


The driver also shook his head like a supervisor. They feel like they have been coached to shake their heads in a special way, which doesn't make any sense.

The bottom is wet. Meanwhile, it has probably rained. There are still clouds in the sky. If it starts raining again ... you may have to spend the night sitting in a bus on a deserted road in Tangail.

‘Brother, are you going to Dhaka?’

A man came and stood in front of me. It doesn't look good in the dark. There is no desire to answer. I smoked a cigarette and said a little, hmm.

Busy with the man, ‘I couldn’t be taken! I need a little cover! '

I don't even go with politeness. The mood is already tense. I say, ‘I don’t benefit from saying all this. Said to the supervisor, go! Don't bother! '

‘Gee, slamalaikum!’

The good news came when the mood got worse. The bus started. As soon as we got up, the bus started moving and then someone came over our necks and said, 'Sir, they have taken it. I was talking about you. Then take it! '

I couldn't see the man's face down. I can't keep my eyes open now. Terribly awkward. The cheeks are glowing. A long cut mark. It's still red!

I somehow said, ‘You mean, like, saltines and their ilk, eh? Am I telling you to tell me? '

The man sat down in the chair next to me without permission. I moved a little. The man laughed and said, "Sir, are you scared?"

That's when the bus lights went out. I was really scared this time. Who knows why!

Don't be afraid, sir. Dad used to say, there is no fear in Tribhuvan ... as much as you fear in your own mind! This seems to be Rabindranath's line, sir, isn't it? '

"I don't know."

I don't understand whether I have slept or not. Let's see the time on mobile. Three forty-four. Feeling we have 'Run out of gas' emotionally? I peek outside. I try to understand where I am. But the light has not yet shone outside 'Where is it?'
‘I need to read Rabindranath, sir. What did he say? '

‘Brother, do I sleep a little? You go to the other side and sit down. '

‘The seat is not empty, sir. I keep quiet. Then you can sleep! '

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