Bravo to Zero: The Story of a Failed Mission by British Special Air Service Commandos

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The term SAS is familiar to many thanks to Captain Price and his commando team in the popular video game series 'Call of Duty: Modern Warfare'. Formed in 1941, the British Army's Special Air Service (SAS) is the formidable commando force that has been followed by the Special Forces of most countries in the world. The Paracommando Battalion of the Bangladesh Army is also modeled on the British SAS.

The Special Air Service first came to limelight after World War II in 1980 when six terrorists held 26 people hostage for seven days at the Iranian embassy in London. Commandos were called when a hostage was killed demanding the release of their comrades in prison. They ended the hostage crisis in a 16-minute operation.The incident caused quite a stir after it was broadcast live and the existence of the SAS was rediscovered. British commandos have conducted many successful operations in different parts of the world. But today we will tell you the story of one of their failed operations.

January, 1991; Golf Wire was running then. The Anglo-American alliance has declared war on Iraq in the wake of the occupation of Kuwait. During this time, three patrol teams of the British commando team SAS were deployed on a very important mission behind the enemy line in Iraq. The radio callsign of the three teams was Bravo One Zero, Bravo Two Zero and Bravo Three Zero, respectively. The Bravo to Zero team played twelve of the entire mission due to one mistake after another and adversity on the battlefield.


   *The reason for the mission

The Bravo to Zero team was tasked with scouting around the area where the helidrop took place, gathering intelligence, setting up Layups (LUPs) and observing the Main Supply Route (MSR) from the capital, Baghdad, to northwestern Iraq. ) To provide intelligence in advance about what is being made and what type of military gear is being transported.However, their biggest and most important task was to destroy the area under their control and the supply route if an Iraqi Squad Ballistic Missile Launcher Vehicle was found.

Saddam Hussein's missile was a shock to the opposition. In 1991, Iraq fired a total of six Scud missiles in just six weeks of the Gulf War. Their main targets were Saudi Arabia and Israel.
At least 100 U.S. soldiers were killed and at least 26 were injured in what became known as the "Pennsylvania National Guard" barracks. The mission was planned by Britain to protect troops from the 35-nation Coalition for the Recovery of Kuwait.

  *Commando team

The eight members of the patrol team were Sergeant Steven Mitchell (Team Leader), Sergeant Vincent Phillips, Corporal Chris Ryan, Lance Corporal Robert Pring, Trooper Steven Consiglio, Trooper John Lan, Trooper Malcolm McGuinness and Trooper Mike Cobb. Trooper is a post in the British Army. Its navy rank is 'Seaman' and in the Air Force is 'Aircraftman'. Troopers in the army are also called private / gunners

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