Emil von Bering: The first Nobel laureate in medicine

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From the beginning of creation, mankind has been in a state of decline. Fighting on the inaccessible path of survival also had to depend on this nature. An unknown nature, from which mankind has constantly struggled to save its own life. Through the spread of science, man has learned to defend himself, to control nature within certain limits,Ungrateful mankind has not hesitated to oppress nature in order to control it. As a result, the adverse effects of nature have become the cause of human loss at various times.

Various researches on diseases of human body have come up with new information. New medical systems are in the hands of doctors. In long-term research at the cost of many lives, medicine has learned to understand the nature of the disease.
Once upon a time, we realized the existence of an invisible germ that surrounds us - which cannot be seen with the naked eye. It is not just existence that is perceived; Has found a way to destroy them, has built up resistance against this invisible germ. Many scholars have contributed to the development of this hundreds of years old medicine. They are deeply involved in medical science.

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